What makes our products

Best in class

By combining modern farming technology, high quality ingredients, care and attention, our line shines.

Proprietary Genetics

A key differentiator of our finished products is the superb quality of ingredients we source from the industry’s leading suppliers, each carefully vetted and qualified. Our hemp is stable, high in CBD, low in THC, and resistant to pests and pathogens.

Premium Ingredients

Our farmers have been pioneers in hemp agriculture, farming practices, agrotech, and production for generations. Our products are infused with superior, high grade, all-natural flavors, coupling the health benefits of CBD extract for a delicious tasting experience.

Commitment to Excellence

Our partnership with industry leading, CGMP-certified extraction facility, ensuring consistency and quality and third party lab testing to ensure purity and potency.

Unlocking the power of hemp

For thousands of years cultures across the globe have used every aspect of this incredible plant for food, shelter, medicine and clothing. After decades of suppression it has re-emerged to address modern challenges in unique ways.

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Crafted with Care

Infused Products

Bespoke is dedicated to using the highest quality, natural ingredients to provide versatile and delicious hemp-derived CBD products. We strive to use only vegan, Fair Trade Certified and organic ingredients with fast acting benefits for anyone seeking an alternative remedy.

CBD for pets!

All vertebrates are blessed with an endocannabinoid system which is crucial to the balance of systems in the body or homeostasis. CBD, one of the more powerful compounds in the hemp plant, binds to this system helping humans and our furry friends alike.


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